Effective leakage and corrosion protection of the tank interior

Our leak protection linings for petrol, diesel and all common fuels are installed in tanks of any shape in order to meet the legal requirements for the storage of water-polluting liquids and to protect the tank from the inside against the respective medium. They represent an inexpensive solution for the refurbishment of tanks. The tank is permanently monitored by a leak detector through the installation of a double-walled leak protection lining.

  • We are the only company in Germany to have been approved by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) for leak protection linings of all common fuels.
  • The very high permeation resistance of our leak protection linings exceeds the current standard by a factor of 15, making our products unmatched in their low permeation.
  • Our leak protection linings for fuels are trusted not only by a large number of customers but also by major oil companies.

Our system meets the requirements of DIN EN 13160-7:2003 and to a large extent the stricter values of DIN EN 13160-7:2016. The film is 15 times below the permeation values required by the standard. Thus you are prepared for the future.

  • Fuel tank
    Fuel tank
  • Liner and approvals
    Liner and approvals
  • Buried tank
    Buried tank
  • Permeation FENOSAFE
    Permeation FENOSAFE

Note: For films with high permeation values, there is a risk that the permeate will collect in the interstitial space and condense there. This can lead to liquid in the interstitial space and is not permitted. Permeation tests have shown that permeation is highest when new fuel is used. This is because the volatile components in the fuel, such as methanol and ethanol, diffuse most easily. During daily operation at the filling station, however, the fuel is repeatedly turned over, so that the volatile components may indeed diffuse. In order to prevent this, the new film focuses on low permeation.
TÜV Certificate
Approval FENOSAFE Fuel
Approval Fenosafe U / BLUE Diesel


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Gluing with tetrahydrofuran:

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