Leak Protection Solutions for Chemicals: Repair and Storage of Chemical Tanks

In addition to our leak protection linings for fuels, gasoline, diesel, liquid fertilizers (AHL), and AdBlue (with DIBt approval), we also offer solutions for a wide range of chemicals. Our FENOTEC CHEMIE leak protection linings serve to protect tanks and repair damaged chemical tanks, ensuring the safe and long-lasting storage of chemicals. If your chemical storage tank has a leak, it does not need to be replaced: with our inner tank linings for chemicals, you can repair your tank quickly and easily.

If these leak protection linings for chemicals are used for purposes other than corrosion protection for the tank, they must be individually approved by the Lower Water Authority (in Germany). In general, a solution can be found for nearly every chemical. After preliminary tests, it is decided on a case-by-case basis whether we can recommend the appropriate components – especially the liner – for the intended use. The following table provides an exemplary selection of chemicals that have already been tested:


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