FENOTEC GmbH has been manufacturing leak protection linings for cylindrical tanks, cellar tanks and spherical tanks made of steel, concrete and plastic since 1972.

The leak protection linings are approved by the German Institute for Building Technology under No. Z-65.30-487 and tested by the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt.

  • Buried tank
    Buried tank
  • Buried tank, detail
    Buried tank, detail
  • Cellar tank
    Cellar tank

The steel shell of the tank, together with the inner shell of the tank, forms the double-walled oil tank prescribed in Germany. Leaks in the tank are often caused by corrosion from the inside. If medium leaks from the tank, it causes environmental damage. This is expensive and the owner is liable! With the fenotec® leak protection linings you fulfil the legal requirements and thus the prerequisite for your insurance cover.
The installation of the leak protection lining may only be carried out by a specialist company and usually takes place without interrupting the heating process. The heating oil is stored temporarily, the tank is thoroughly cleaned and checked for corrosion damage.
After the fleece and inner jacket have been inserted, the leak detector is connected and a test vacuum is created
between the tank wall and the inner jacket. If a leak occurs in the tank wall or the inner shell, the vacuum drops and the leak detector reports an alarm. So your tank is automatically monitored at all times and you can sleep peacefully.

Installation also possible without getting into the tank!

With our patented system of unmanned installation, the installation of a leak protection lining is also possible without entering the tank. Due to the increased risk of serious to fatal accidents during tank assembly, the major oil companies have started to prohibit tank access. On the basis of this requirement, FENOTEC GmbH has developed a system for the unmanned installation of leak protection linings at the instigation of Shell and with the support of Tokheim Service GmbH & Co. KG.
The solution with a flexible installation chute made of foil, with the help of which the leak protection lining is pulled into the tank, is used both for the repair of defective and the preventive protection of older tanks.
This development guarantees that tanks will be refurbished to the highest safety and quality standards and that a double-walled tank will also be built at locations that are difficult to access.
The fact that all components are optimally prepared for assembly at the factory means that installation can be carried out very quickly. A precise description of the procedure and the prefabricated components reduce the probability of errors during assembly to a minimum. The final control over a vacuum makes it possible to check exactly whether the installation was successful and can withstand the requirements of operating a tank at a filling station over the years.

Sewn fleece for cellar tanks: the original – patented and proven a thousand times over

The prefabricated wall, floor and ceiling tracks are delivered in individual rolls. This guarantees an easy insertion of the intermediate layer even with small ceiling distances. After the wall track is clamped between floor and ceiling, the floor track is rolled out like a carpet. As soon as the cover is aligned, the fleece is rolled out on the cover. The fixation of the ceiling fleece is achieved with the dome neck and a Velcro strip on the cover. Inflate, set clamping ring…ready!

Vernähtes Vlies für Kellertanks
Flanging through the ceiling – a proven solution for 25 years

With the use of the flange system, the extension of the existing filling and ventilation lines or the installation of an additional dome cover can be dispensed with in many cellar tanks manufactured at the site. This considerably reduces assembly times.


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