Modular thermal stratified storage VARIO


for indoor and outdoor installation
The modular VARIO storage tank can be inserted through the smallest door into the
installation room and quickly assembled in any size with virtually no tools. Even for ex-
tremely large storage tanks, you do not need a crane. This means that even rooms that
are difficult to access can be used as storage installation locations. We offer the VARIO in
standard sizes (0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10 MW) but also as an individual solution. Due to the modular
design, almost all diameters and heights are possible.

The standard version of the VARIO, which is operated without pressure, is equipped with
two connections of 1 inch each. In addition to the external plate heat exchangers, a se-
lection of internal heat exchangers is available and will be matched and adapted to your
needs. In the “top version”, the VARIO is equipped with a patented single-layer and ex-
traction system, which stores and extracts the heat energy “calmly”. This allows the VARIO
to be used as a stratified charging storage tank. We also offer various options for internal
heat exchangers. These are adapted to your needs. Our best equipment is a patented sin-
gle-layer and withdrawal system, which can calmly store and withdraw the heat energy.
With this system it is possible to achieve very good heat stratification in the tank.


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