Tank Compartment lining

Enhanced Safety and Efficiency with FENOTEC – Tank Room Linings: Optimal Solutions for Battery Tank Systems

The installation of a tank compartment lining may be worthwhile for battery tank systems. Compared to a coating of the tank compartment this has the advantage that the tank compartment lining with foil represents a safe collecting container for the oil tank, independent of the condition of the wall.


The tank compartment lining can be supplied in one piece or in two segments, consisting of wall track and floor. The advantage of the delivery in a pre-assembled piece is that the seams do not have to be welded on site by a plastic welder tested according to DVS 2212 (plastic welding).

For the production of a suitable tank room lining we need the dimensions of the room and the size of the oil tank. Depending on the size of the oil tank, the required height of the tank compartment lining is calculated. As a rule of thumb, the tank compartment lining must completely absorb the tank volume. An addition of 10 cm guarantees that a possible surge can also be compensated.

The material of the FENOTEC tank compartment lining is twice as thick as the proven material of conventional tank compartment foils and is additionally reinforced by a fabric insert. Even tank rooms with difficult structures can be renovated with the tank protection system with intermediate layer and corresponding accessories, which has been tried and tested for decades, by smooth installation.

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