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FENOTEC: Pioneer in Leak Protection and Innovative Energy Storage Solutions

FENOTEC has been synonymous with safety, flexibility, and innovation in the field of leak protection systems and film technology since 1972. Particularly innovative in the renewable energy sector are our energy-efficient, large-scale heat storage solutions, the THERMOTANK “VARIO”, which serve as modular heat buffer tanks fitting into almost any space. Additionally, we offer seamless conversion of oil tanks into heat storage units through environmentally friendly upcycling with our THERMOTANK “UPCYCLING” installation sets. Our FOLIENTECHNIK department develops solutions for products featuring high-quality, partially fabric-reinforced films and technical textiles.


FENOTEC GmbH manufactures products from flexible materials and is committed to being just as flexible in meeting customer requirements. Our products are safe – safe for the environment, safe for application, and safe for operators. Guaranteeing the safety of our products is certification from the DIBt (German Institute for Building Technology). Furthermore, we closely collaborate with institutions such as TÜV, BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing), and PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt), and have been recognized by the BG RCI (Professional Association Raw Materials and Chemical Industry) for the occupational safety of our products. Our commitment to daily innovation involves developing new products and improving existing ones to make them more user-friendly. Our numerous patented solutions attest to this, all developed to enhance customer satisfaction.






We produce approved flexible leak protection linings made of film for heating oil, diesel, chemicals, and recently, gasoline. Our films for heating oil, diesel, AHL (Ammonium Nitrate-Urea Solution), and AdBlue have proven themselves over several decades, earning the trust of our customers.

For installation, a patented system has been developed that allows assembly without entering the tank. This significantly reduces the potential hazards during installation, especially with explosive substances, and further shortens installation time. Liner installation can thus be completed in just two days, minimizing disruption to normal operations at the gas station.

Customers such as Shell and Aral (BP) have consistently utilized the patented system for unmanned installation during tank refurbishment. We have been awarded for the development of this system with the Occupational Safety Prize from BGRCI.

Our gasoline leak protection lining, FENOSAFE FUEL, is the only DIBt-approved film for gasoline, E10, E20, alcohols, diesel fuels, and all common aviation fuels, such as 100LL aviation gasoline and Jet A-1 turbine fuel. Our film boasts very low permeability, already exceeding DIN EN 13160 Part 7 standards by nearly a factor of 20. We are also working on a suitable leak protection lining for acids and alkalis. Currently, we can provide solutions for almost all chemicals.


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