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For over 45 years, FENOTEC has stood for safety, flexibility and innovation in the field of leak protection systems and film technology.

For over 45 years, we have been producing type-approved flexible leak protection linings made of film for heating oil, diesel, chemicals and, most recently, petrol. Our films for heating oil, diesel, AHL (ammonium urea solution) and Add-Blue have proven themselves over several decades. It is precisely for this reason that our customers trust us.

A patented system has been developed for installation, which allows installation without entering the tank. This significantly reduces the risk potential during installation, especially with explosive substances, and further shortens the installation time. A lining can therefore be installed in just two days and the obstruction to normal business operations at the filling station is minimised.

Customers such as Shell and Aral (BP) are already using the patented unmanned installation system throughout the tank refurbishment process. We have been awarded the BGRCI Occupational Safety Prize for the development of this system.

Our FENOSAFE FUEL gasoline leak protection lining is the only DIBt approved film for gasoline, E10, E20, alcohols, diesel fuels and all common aviation fuels, such as 100LL aviation fuel and Jet-A1 aviation turbine fuel. Our film is characterised by very low permeation and therefore already exceeds the standard DIN EN 13160 part 7 almost by a factor of 20.

We are also working on a suitable leak protection lining for acids and alkalis. We are already able to offer solutions for almost all chemicals – but currently without DIBt approval.

For our customers we process films made to measure and set no limits to our creativity. This means that we find innovative solutions in film and technical textiles for our customers. To this end, we invest 10% of our annual sales in research and development. In recent times, the following products have emerged from an extensive functional environment for our customers in this way:

  • Balls of 8 m diameter made of transparent PVC film, which can carry up to 10 people.
  • Dust barriers. Our dust protection wall, which is individually tailored, can seal off a working area with high dust and noise levels flexibly and quickly.
  • Stitched, super-light outer shells for missiles that can increase their payload.
  • Gas fences. Our gas protection fence limits the spread of explosive or hazardous gases.
  • Mobile container tank farms with the new double-walled and leakage-monitored shells from FENOTEC.
  • Container for use in seawater to investigate sedimentation.
  • Film bodies for use in the manufacture of fiber composite molded parts – especially tanks – which are also approved for use with water, for example, and are designed for high temperatures.
  • Covers for scaffolding on wind turbines, which significantly increase the operating times for the repair of wind turbines.
  • Buoyancy bodies for ships and floating jetties, which are sealed for a long time and thus make tedious sealing of the outer hull unnecessary.

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