BERGMANN biogas shells, BERGMANN biogas hoods and BERGMANN biogas bags

FENOTEC GmbH has taken over the biogas division of W. Bergmann Säcke- und Planenfabrik from Freisingen.
We now exclusively manufacture the BERGMANN biogas shells, biogas bags and biogas hoods. We have been extensively introduced to the topic by Mr. Bergmann and have recently already carried out the production for the Bergmann company.
All old measurements and drawings are now archived with us and we can now easily manufacture any possible replacement for your BERGMANN biogas shell, your BERGMANN biogas bag or your BERGMANN biogas hood.
Thanks to a careful business handover, we have earned the trust of Mr. Bergmann and are now allowed to manufacture the BERGMANN system in the BERGMANN version and in the accustomed BERGMANN quality.

FENOTEC has almost 50 years of experience in the production and processing of films for tank protection. Here it depends on dimensional accuracy and tightness. In tank protection, we are known for our high quality, flexibility and innovative strength.
FENOTEC GmbH, like W. Bergmann Säcke- und Planenfabrik, is owner-managed and the name FENOTEC stands for quality and safety. We are now expanding our quality and safety criteria to include biogas. In recent months we have familiarised ourselves with the new tasks in the field of biogas and were able to prove ourselves under the watchful eyes of Mr. Bergmann. In the end, Mr. Bergmann very conscientiously stated that our production and our quality meet his own requirements.
We also intend to become an innovation leader in the field of biogas shell and biogas bags, just as we have already succeeded in the field of leak protection linings, where we are at the forefront thanks to our unmanned installation system, our sewn fleece, our petrol leak protection linings and many other innovative solutions.


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